Our Services

Milly Pack offers following services:

Raw Materials: Board/sheets will be tested in the Quality lab for gsm, Stiffness testing etc. as per the specification before taking into production. Automatic Paper Cutting Machine cut the paper as per client requirement

Printing: We are equipped with 6 colours Man Roland Printing Machine which can print ranging from 130 GSM to 500 GSM of paper. The raw material i.e., Duplex, PE Coated board/sheets will get printed on Man Roland 700 Printing machine which is of 6 colour with double coater based on the design and layout. The Printing machine having IR Drying and UV Printing facility too

Die Cutting Machine: We are equipped with Champion Die Cutting machine for Punching into individual cartons. The sheets will get punched as per the layout of the job Foil Machine: We are equipped with 100cmx70cm size sheet which can run with foil and embossing as well

Window Patching: If there is window patching requirement in the carton from clients then the flat punched cartons are fed into the window patching machine for specific window size

Automatic Flute Laminating Machine: Used for the laminating of color top sheets and corrugated paper. Adopts feeder feeding the top sheet and suction device sending the bottom sheet combines fully automated
Automatic Folder Gluer: We have Automatic Folder Gluer with Nordson Gluing system in built

Sheeter: High-speed paper slitter/sheeter machine is used for cutting reels into sheets. It is equipped with advanced technology for easy changeovers, automatic deflection rectifier, and antistatic device.

Computer to plate: In-house high-quality thermal CTP with flexibility and versatility offer unbeatable reliability, as well as the advantages of easy handling and support for long run lengths.